Home Insurance Claims in Silver Spring, MD

Part of our job as a licensed contractor is to handle everything from Insurance claims to FHA and HUD regulations – and we do it all. We build everything from ADA ramps, to stair lifts, and all points in between. Many of our clients face damage due to the acts of nature. When that happens work directly with your insurance company to insure you get all the repairs that you are entitled to.

In addition to the daunting mounds of paperwork that Insurance companies and bank require, the rigors and vetting of licensed contractors is not for the faint of heart. The Contractor must have current licenses, insurance, often bonding and a proven performance track record.

The Contractor must also know the proper inspection and processing procedures. If all the “I’s and “t’s” aren’t dotted, it will lead to costly delay. Our experienced team leader won’t let that happen. You can rest assured, bureaucracy will not keep you out in the cold.

Affordable Home Improvements is well versed in bank, private lender, mortgage company and insurance company procedures. This insures you, the end user a seamless and smooth start to your restoration or construction project.

One large obstacle to doing this type of work is the financial stability and financial reserves of the Contractor as most of these institutions do not provide any upfront funding. For good reason, many Contractors shy away from this type of transaction. AHI under proper circumstance can help.

The key to this type of work is having dedicated construction crews who remain on the job from beginning to end. In the strictest sense, “time is money”. These projects must be planned and executed in the most expeditious manner to ensure cash flow doesn’t delay or derail the project.